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” During one of our conversations, I could tell Pamela had a question, but seemed a bit hesitant. She then asked if I would be “kind enough” to provide the foreword to this book. I was stunned, a little nervous, but most of all, honoured. Surely she must have other friends who are much closer to her and know her, personally, better than I. The fact is I’ve had two or three long telephone chats with Pam and a number of texts and emails to one another- only because we have a business relationship. After reading her autobiography, I can assure you I know her better than almost anyone I’ve ever met in my sixty years on the planet. I also respect and admire her more than just about all of them, too.

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Screenwriter/Executive Producer Executive Director of the Academy Awards

Pamela Millican-Hartnoll is a 61-year old who lives life on her own terms.
A mother to two beautiful girls whom she adores above all else. Pam is a live wire who has lived through much adversity and pain, but has used it and made that her strength.

She sees all challenges as opportunities, has an infectious enthusiasm for life, loves all things adventurous and has a laser sharp focus when she is working and creating.

She will floor you with her whacky sense of humour and touch you with her honesty. She has a Law degree, outstanding business credentials and is a wave ski surfng champion many times over, including the coveted title of European Ladies Champion.

Her poems have brought laughter and sunshine to many a soul and she hopes they will bring some into your life too. They are insightful, identify with life’s challenges and offer a unique perspective on everyday things. Above all she wants everyone to live a great life and have the opportunity to become the very best versions of themselves


If you are living with fear and doubt you are missing out – thats not what life is meant to be like … If you give me your time  I promise I will help you break up with both fear and doubt so you can finally feel good about yourself and live you life your own way.
Why waste another minute .. let alone another year feeling less than you would really like to when there is no better tune than right now to take action