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I am so excited to have you here because it means you are finally ready to make changes to the areas of your life that have been sabotaging, limiting and keeping you stuck. You can now do the work to achieve your full potential and permanently transform your life effectively. I absolutely love that, because helping people make those rapid changes is my passion and my speciality.

As a Master Life Coach in Brisbane, I can share with you that massive change is not just a possibility when working with me—it’s a reality. I’ve helped hundreds of clients experience exactly that – real, effective and incredible change. With tons of 5-star Google reviews and video testimonials sharing that, I am proud of the work we do together to create that change.

People that have worked with me really are absolutely thrilled with the fast and transformative results they’ve achieved through my coaching sessions.

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What is Master Life Coaching?

Master Life Coaching Brisbane involves using a combination of the latest advanced tools, techniques and strategies to help you identify your blocks, break down resistance to change and support you with everything you might need to create a clear, actionable plan for success. I will help you plan a vision for your future and set you up with the right tools so you can action that vision. I use a holistic approach because it is one that addresses every aspect of your life, starting from relationship issues requiring clarity and personal growth all the way to the kind of professional development needed to allow you to succeed at a much higher level.

Why and how does Master Life Coaching Works So Quickly

One of the most rewarding aspects as a Master Life Coach in Brisbane is the capacity to facilitate rapid change and ensure effective personal development. Let me share with you how and why it works:

Identifying Limiting Beliefs

In our very first session, we will take the time to identify the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck where you do not want to be. These beliefs are the repetitive negative thoughts and self doubts that operate like a recorded loop and are guaranteed to keep you from moving forward until you find them, and then do the work to dissolve them. Together, we’ll replace them with more realistic and empowering beliefs. Remember, you were not born with personal limitations, these you learned and collected along the way by how the people around you treated you. Which is great news since you can unlearn them the same way.

Setting Clear Goals

We will then work on setting clear, actionable goals that align with your real values, morals and aspirations. This works perfectly in that it gives you real actionable direction. It’s like having a personalized roadmap to your success and you will have a new found confidence knowing exactly what steps you need to take.

Developing Effective Strategies

I will then help you develop and understand the effective strategies needed to overcome present and any future obstacles which may get in the way of you achieving your goals. This again involves creating actionable plans and using the proven techniques already learned to stay on track. You also have me for accountability – and I am very good at that.

Providing Accountability

As your life coach in Brisbane, I will provide effective accountability to ensure you stay on track and fully committed to your goals. Regular check-ins, google document support and progress reviews all help keep you motivated and focused, especially during the tough times when it can be easy to give up.

Supporting Personal Growth

Life Coaching also has me teaching you how to focus on your personal growth. You will learn the importance of self-awareness and how to identify your internal self-talk. This is an important step in your development not least because, by understanding yourself better, you will be aware of how you are sabotaging yourself and can make better and more informed decisions instead.

Why Choose Me as Your Master Life Coach?

You may well be wondering why you should choose my life coaching Brisbane and you would be right to ask that there are a lot of coaches out there that do not always help you as you would like them too. So let me share with you exactly what sets me apart from those:


Firstly I have a proven track record with every one of my clients experiencing immediate, fast and effective changes. Many have shared in their testimonials, both written and video, that they can see and feel noticeable improvements in their way of thinking – many experience this in just 15 minutes, and in their lives completely within just a few sessions.

Tons of
5-Star Reviews

But please do not just take my word for it—you can check this out by looking at any of my 5-star Google reviews and/or video testimonials. Both available on my website or my Youtube channel RESETwithPAMELA. My clients all share that they are thrilled with the fast and transformative results they have been able to achieve.

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Brisbane Australia

As a highly trained and experienced life coach; a Robbins/Madanes Core 100 Coach and KBB Knowledge Broker trained through the Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi KBB program I will always provide you with top-notch guidance and quality support personally tailored to your unique needs, wants and goals.


I will also create a customized coaching plan designed specifically for you, addressing your individual challenges and aspirations and geared to keep you moving forward and on track.

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