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Do you worry about not really knowing who you are, and feel like life is passing you by with no real purpose?

Imagine if you could get the clarity and confidence you needed to find that purpose!

What if everthing you have ever struggled with was needed so you could become the person you were always meant to be!

One on One Private Coaching

Pamela Millican is a published Author and creator of the RESET Your Life Personal Development program and for the last 35+ years, has trained, studied and gained multiple qualifications in Law, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mindset Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Hypnotherapy as well as many others. With masterful precision she very quickly identifies the positive aspects of your current mindset, while uncovering any unconscious patterns that may be negatively impacting your success, so you can get even more of what you want in life!

Pamela, affectionately known by her friends as the pocket rocket, is an impressive success story and shares with unrestricted passion, enthusiasm, and a monumental love for life, how you too can be your own success story by changing what you think and believe.
With multiple 5* google reviews you can see for yourself that everyone who has been coached by Pamela, whether personally in one on one sessions or through her personal development programs, cannot speak highly enough of her.
Imagine finally having the confidence and self belief to stop just settling for what you are given and go after what you actually want instead!

Pamela Millican

The first step…

The first step towards creating an amazing future is figuring out who we truly are as individuals.

Through my books, coaching and courses you’ll go through a journey to uncover your unique identity while unlocking your strengths to create a powerful mindset that unleashes the powerful being hidden within yourself!

Pamela Millican

Even if…

You feel like you’ve tried everything to change your life… but nothing has worked.
You feel stuck and don’t know if or how to move forward.
You can get all the tools, and the knowledge and the one-to-one support you need to transform your life into exactly what you want it to be.

Pamela Millican

Your Roadmap for success

We will create your roadmap for success, tailored specifically for YOU!
I help people just like you to achieve real and lasting change, by giving them the right tools, strategies and techniques to finally unlock your true potential.
It’s time to finally make changes in your life that are meaningful and lasting.


Knowing exactly who you are as a person and having the Confidence to live that out every day of your life with passion and purpose in everything that you do.

Feedback From Being Coached  By Me


What was the best thing you got from being coached by me?
Fill in:
I went from ………unsure ………. To confident about my choices in life

Zoe Smith

I went from feeling stuck and not knowing what I wanted to do. To completely feeling released through the tapping. Still use the tool to this day. I realised I had never forgiven myself for certain decisions I had made in my past. I absolutely felt released after my sessions. Wendy

Wendy Peronchik

.I went from being unsure in my future to feeling confident in what I needed to do to be in alignment with my feelings

Velia Huges

I went from being unhappy to simply put…happy

Tom Borg

went from feeling scattered and afraid to validating my feelings, accepting them for what they were, which helped me to feel more calm and think clearer

Sara Evans

“I went from feeling down and out about myself to knowing that I am enough for me and that is all that matters”.

Sally Gooley

Best thing was how you changed my thinking – more positive and empowering and how I talked to myself – kinder to myself

Melinda Bathgate

I went from anxious and self critical to calmer and more confident xxx
I hope your year ahead is the best one yet

Karma Lee

I would say Lucy was helped enormously to deal with crises in her life, and Izzy has changed her whole outlook on life; and is now confident and assertive and has self esteem.
We have you to thank for this and I cannot thank you enough

Karen Lovelock

I went from feeling confused in my professional direction, to getting really clear and confident. Identifying that all facets of life start with the self.

Emily McCarthy


If you are living with fear and doubt you are missing out – thats not what life is meant to be like … If you give me your time  I promise I will help you break up with both fear and doubt so you can finally feel good about yourself and live you life your own way.
Why waste another minute .. let alone another year feeling less than you would really like to when there is no better tune than right now to take action