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Get Effective Rapid Results with NLP Coaching in Gold Coast

Imagine being able to live your life on your own terms and break free from every single one of your personal limitations so you are free to achieve your full potential quickly and effectively.

I know this might sound fanciful, but with the way I use NLP and reverse psychology, I promise you we can easily make it your reality. I know this because as a Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) coach on Gold Coast, I’ve not only done this for myself, but I have also helped hundreds of my clients experience the very same rapid transformative changes.

You can check it out for yourself, by taking a look at any of my 5-star Google reviews and video testimonials. I have received so many from people just like you who were ready for change and – all of whom are absolutely wrapped with the rapid results they’ve achieved through my combo NLP sessions.

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What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), allows you to take a particular concept and change it into a new perspective to make it more clear and understandable. It is actually a brilliant and powerful way to change everything about your mindset. It uses a specific behavioural strategy that teaches you the power of reframing which helps you understand the power of the mind when it comes to interpreting the signals it receives from people and events. This interpretation is personal and different for everyone and that interpretation is responsible for how you think and feel about yourself as well as what you do next. I love coaching using NLP in Gold Coast, not least because it is super effective in helping you to understand that connection between how you think, how you communicate and how your behaviour patterns create the reality you find yourself living in. By applying this understanding, you can reframe the negative thoughts that drive the negative emotions and reprogram your mind for positive change. With that change you can start being the creators of your life, rather than a reactors just settling for what you are given!

Why NLP Coaching Works So Quickly

One of the most powerful aspects of NLP coaching is its capacity, when used correctly, to create rapid and lasting change. Let me share how and why it works:

Identifying Limiting Beliefs

In our very first session, we will take the time to pinpoint any negative thinking, sabotaging behaviours and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. They can show up in your life as fear, lack of self-confidence, nagging doubts and all kinds of negative thoughts that keep you from moving forward. Together, we will work to uncover and understand these false beliefs, then we will remove and replace them with far more empowering ones. I say false beliefs and behaviours because you were not born with any of that. Those beliefs you gathered and learned along the way by the way the adults and carers in your young life treated you.

Reframing Perspectives

If you have ever felt stuck because of the way you see beliefs and wish you could just look at beliefs a little differently, then this modality is perfect for you because NLP training very specifically teaches you how to reframe all of those negative thoughts and beliefs. I can promise you with absolute certainty that even a simple shift in perspective can change everything. It allows you to approach all new challenges with a very different, clear and positive mindset.

Anchoring Positive States

The two beliefs I love most about the strategy of Anchoring:

1. Anchoring is an easy to learn technique that helps you associate a physical or mental trigger with a positive emotional state by touching a certain predetermined spot on the body whilst in that happy, motivated and confident space.
2. Anchoring can instantly allow you to tap into those more powerful feelings of confidence, motivation, peace and calmness whenever you need them simply by touching that same point on the body.

Modelling Success

Success leaves clues. It is well known that by studying and emulating the behaviours and thought patterns of successful people, you can achieve even greater success in your own life just by copying and adopting the same strategies that they used to achieve their success.

Setting SMART Goals

Having and setting the right kind of goals is essential. If you do not have a goal or something that you are constantly working towards, you are wishful thinking and that will never help you move forward or materialise whatever you want to achieve. I will help you navigate the challenges with goal setting, using the SMART System. Smart stands for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Working in this way and using the SMART System you will have a clear, actionable plan that keeps you on track and constantly aligns you with your true values and desires.

Why Choose Me as Your NLP Coach in Gold Coast?

You might be wondering why you should choose my NLP training in Gold Coast. Let me share what sets me apart:


I have a fantastic track record built over the last 30+ years of coaching and helping clients achieve the rapid and effective changes they really want to make. I am an intuitive coach and within a very short period have the instinctive capacity to get to the ’real’ core of the problem that has been keeping you stuck. Many see and feel a different perspective within the first 15 minutes of working with me.

Tons of
5-Star Reviews

But don’t just take my word for it—feel free to check out my 5-star Google reviews and video testimonials, both available on my website and on my Youtube channel RESETwithPAMELA. You will see that my clients are absolutely pumped with the rapid transformative results they’ve been able to achieve.

NLP Coach

As a highly trained and experienced coach for NLP Gold Coast, I pride myself in providing outstanding service, superior guidance and the highest level of support tailored to your personal and unique needs, wants and goals.


I also create customised coaching plans designed specifically for you, addressing all of your individual wants, needs, challenges and dreams.

Ready to Reset Your Life?

I truly believe that investing in NLP training in Gold Coast is one of the most powerful steps you can take towards unlocking your real and true potential so you can start living the life you’ve always wanted. By reprogramming your mind, you will easily be able to overcome all future obstacles, adopt new and empowering beliefs, and finally start taking decisive actions towards your goals. If this sounds like something you are ready to experience and want to do the work so you can make effective changes, I would love for you to consider my NLP Coaching services in Gold Coast and take that first step towards having a brighter, more fulfilling future today. No more waiting to make your dreams a reality. Contact me now and start your journey to success and in doing so you will join 100s of others who have already changed their lives using my NPL coaching services. Let’s now make the change happen —quickly and effectively … FOR YOU TOO.