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Pamela Millican is not only the published author of Making Broken Beautiful, an incredible story of resilience, strength and courage in the face of extreme adversity  A story that has since been adapted into a screenplay …  but she is also a regular on several popular podcasts and TV Shows.  She has appeared on the Shiela Mac Show; Dreamaniac TV with Szebastian Leaders of Change; The Stephen Ivey Show; Champagne Cartel Podcast; D Life Podcast; Be the Phoenix of your own Life podcast and Juice FM Radio… along with being featured in some of the world’s leading publications, including Including RYL, a multinational magazine.

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Juicey News: Local Author Creates Reset Your Life Challenge

Sometimes we need to hit the reset button and this is why a Gold Coast author has created the ‘Reset Your Life’ challenge.

Pamela Millican, came up with Reset Your Life day for September 10 and decided to create a 5 day ‘Reset Your Life’ challenge.

“It covers about how you need to reset and about where your keeping your self stuck and what you’re allowing into your life that’s limiting you,” she said.

She explains the first day is about awareness, the second day is about self-talk and triggers and the next three days about how to respond.

“I want them to know there’s a place to go, there’s a way they can reset, it doesn’t have to be it it’s not set in concrete. At any one minute now you can change how you feel,” Pamela said.

Pamela plans to do her ‘Reset Your Life’ challenge every few weeks for new people to join. You can find out more on her Facebook at Pamela Millican.

From Fearful To Fearless Living Life With Real Joy And Happiness In Your Heart

Making Broken Beautiful

Making Broken Beautiful

Thriving After A Lifetime Of Abuse And Control


If you are living with fear and doubt you are missing out – thats not what life is meant to be like … If you give me your time  I promise I will help you break up with both fear and doubt so you can finally feel good about yourself and live you life your own way.
Why waste another minute .. let alone another year feeling less than you would really like to when there is no better tune than right now to take action