Reset Your Life

6 Week Self Discovery

Imagine in just 6 weeks or less you could be a whole lot more

Happier, Free of  Self Doubt and empowered with  Epic Self Confidence!

Here’s Everything You Need To Get Started and Massively Change your Life

This 6 week training is a Self Discovery Program designed to help you understand yourself and to move you past whatever is keeping you stuck in a recorded loop of same old same old.   Instead of struggling, imagine having the confidence to cultivate a more positive and powerful mindset, not just for today, but for the rest of your life.Picture yourself having a more effective way to manage all of life’s stresses, as well as only seeing every problem as an opportunity to grow and benefit from, regardless of the experience you are having at the time.  The knock on effect being you having far more control over your life which instantly moves you from feeling powerless to powerful!I have combined the very best of all the courses, learning and training/s I have taken over the last 40 years, and together with my own personal experiences now bring you a Program that will fast track you to living your life far more confidently, honestly and happily.One of the best things about this program is that I have done the hard work for you …  and you will not need to train, learn, study and pay for 100s of courses nor take 40 years as I have to massively change your life – by being an engaged and willing student of this Program you will get there faster than you could ever have thought possible .. and thats a promise.

Age may have a time limit, but time has no age limit!

Don’t waste another minute feeling less than your best.

Success Stories

Words from those who gave changed their own Stories

Age may have a time limit, but time has no age limit!

Don’t waste another minute feeling less than your best.

The Reset Your Life Program has 6 Modules


Reset Your Life

Program has 6 Modules


Follow these lessons in the order they are presented and you will see and feel a change almost immediately (even if you’ve never done anything like this before).


Intro to the module video, Downloadable Worksheet examples as well as practice worksheets for every module


The RESET YOUR LIFE Program Workbook. has 80 pages of actionable course material to keep you accountable and on track as you go through program


Join the Facebook VIP Group. Get more support, ideas, and feedback from a massive community of other people who are learning to transform their own lives too..  ——-This is also the place where the course will be run and notifications posted


Milestone doc to track your journey and to get feedback from me personally


Group Coaching


Q&A Sessions


Breakout Rooms


Real Time Feedback

What do you actually Get when you join TheReset Your Life program?

What do you actually get from the

Reset Your Life


Week 1

Week #1 Set Intention for the Course

Firstly, this module is about you committing to yourself, and following a step by step process to take you to where you want to be. Here you will discover what you want to change in order to go further in your chosen area for growth and begin to create a pathway for that change. You will gain an understanding of why you are where you are, which will further facilitate your letting go of the negative beliefs keeping you stuck there, which in turn will enable you to have a clearer vision for the next 5 modules toward your personal transformation. This is our foundational step and everything builds from here.

Week 2

Week #2 Identify areas to work on

In this module you will identify the areas that are keeping you stuck, work out where and what your priorities are in life, and exactly what you need in order to create the life you really want. You will quickly realise how and where your past is keeping you in a recorded loop of same old same old and what areas you need to prioritise first and foremost for the greatest amount of growth. This is a great module because it gives you clarity and laser focus together with a definitive pathway to follow … along with a complete understanding that you are not alone on this journey.

Week 3

Week #3 Reframe with SUDs

In this module you will learn the art, and importance of specificity. You will learn how to refine and dial in your area of challenge so you can achieve maximum results, and instantly start having more control over your thinking and emotions. You will gain a greater understanding of how the work you are doing, and the changes you are making are going to benefit you and the significant others in your life. Real change becomes possible now.

Week 4

Week #4: Evolution | 7 Levels Deep

This is one of my favourite modules where we get to go on a deep dive into the core of the sabotaging behaviour. Each level encourages you to peel away the layers that mask and hide the ‘real’ issue causing the current problems. With every layer exposed bringing a better understanding, and an even greater level of awareness far beyond the surface level of thinking we use everyday to stay stuck right where we are. You will finally see WHY you are having the issues you are, where they came from and how you can now release and move on from them.

Week 5

Week #5: Reflect Identify Clarify & Commit / SUDs

This module will give you a definite pathway, along with more focus and clarity on exactly where you can make the most growth so you can finally stop listening to the wrong people, and letting that negativity impact your life. This week you will reinforce exactly what it is that you want in life and give you more clarity on where your priorities should be. You will have no trouble now acknowledging how and where you need to take the most action, and finally commit to breaking the habits you have allowed yourself to drop into. The use of the SUD’s measuring system will give you a visual indication of just how much you are creating change.

Week 6

Week #6: Set Behavior Change. Stop and Start

This module brings everything together and gives you simple but effective tools that you will use on a regular basis to release all doubt, crush the need to worry and eliminate daily stress as and when it arises. This is where the magic happens and your life changes and grows exponentially giving you the confidence to finally go after what you really want in life. 

Age may have a time limit, but time has no age limit!

Don’t waste another minute feeling less than your best.

I struggled with many limiting beliefs.
Pam helped me release my fears and know that I was worthy

Shannon Garner

I’ve improved my mindset
I have improved my mindset and my mind game when playing basketball – and have more confidence in all areas of my life now


Don’t waste another minute feeling less than your best.

Have Additional Questions?


Who is Pamela Millican?

Author of Making Broken Beautiful Biography & the Creator of 6 Week Personal Development Program Crush Doubt and Transform your life through Self Discovery; Creator of 5 Days and 5 ways to stop people pleasing Challenge. Pamela is also a mother of two beautiful girls and a women who has spent her entire life learning, teaching and growing – and is now sharing exactly how to use adversity, trauma and fear to successfully give you the life you really want, to motivate and drive your behaviour, rather than let it destroy you and leave you feeling worthless.


Is there a RESET YOUR LIFE money back Guarantee?

Absolutely. If you honestly do all the work, apply what you are learning and stay the course even if things get a little challenging, but still do not see or feel any changes then there is a 100% money-back guarantee.* To Read Full Guarantee Conditions Go Here.


What Makes This Program Any Different From All The Other Self Help Programs Out There?

I believe this program covers everything. It’s not just a motivating, feel good, confidence or goal setting program. Those programs are great but they do not get to the core reason of why you are, where you currently are. This program consists of nearly 40 years of learning, training and personal experiences by the creator and gives you all the tools, techniques and strategies to get to the core issues, to break down where you currently find yourself, understand the reason for being there, grasp the lesson needed from the experience, then gives a guaranteed pathway to release the old negative beliefs and behaviors before moving on to resetting with more positive thinking and beliefs. There is a lot of work to be done before you can even think about setting goals to achieve what it is you really want. This is a complete process which sets you up for success in achieving your goal, dreams and desires – along with all that you really want, not least because it breaks down and releases the outdated and sabotaging beliefs that have gotten in the way of you having your desires and dreams come true.


What is The RESET YOUR LIFE Program about?

This program is truly a Life changing program; with 6 weeks of lessons, worksheets, videos and reading to guide you on your personal journey to heal, nurture and grow:

What Will This Program Do For Me?

This course will help set you up for the rest of your life, and not only that, but also your children’s life and the next generation. This course gives you the confidence and help needed to live a life without worry, self doubt and hurt.

Is The RESET YOUR LIFE Program for me?

We sometimes don’t realise that we are struggling with a behaviour or thoughts and don’t understand why we feel the way we do or think the way we do. This course helps break down the why and helps you move forward and get rid of that behaviour

What Is The Cost Of The RESET YOUR LIFE Program?

If this program gives you the confidence and freedom to have the life you really want, to dig out the core reasons you have stayed stuck for so long, to be sure of yourself, love who you are and have the certainty to make your own decisions … then the course is priceless is it not?

Who Is This Program For?

Anyone who has recently gone through divorce and wants to get their life back on track. Anyone who has suffered a loss, or struggled with adversity/trauma … and they too want to get their life back on track. Anyone who wants more out of life and now wants to stop settling for less. Anyone who know they can have, be and do more, but doesn’t know how to get there. Anyone feeling stuck, procrastinating and repeating the same day over and over

 This program is for anyone who actually wants to get more out of life, to grow and to know exactly what they are capable of


If you are living with fear and doubt you are missing out – thats not what life is meant to be like … If you give me your time  I promise I will help you break up with both fear and doubt so you can finally feel good about yourself and live you life your own way.
Why waste another minute .. let alone another year feeling less than you would really like to when there is no better tune than right now to take action