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Enhance life’s boundaries with Pamela Millican-Hartnoll’s Tool. Assess, act, and improve your well-being across key life areas. Start now


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Master Your Boundaries with Pamela Millican’s Self-Assessment Tool

Empower Your Life Across All Fronts

Introducing the “Boundaries Self-Assessment Tool,” a revolutionary workbook crafted by Pamela Millican-Hartnoll. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you evaluate and strengthen the boundaries in key areas of your life, including friendships, family relationships, romantic partnerships, work-life balance, personal self-care, mental and physical health, and financial stability.

What’s Inside?

Deep Dive Self-Assessment

Through a detailed self-assessment exercise, you’ll rate your satisfaction with the boundaries you’ve established on a scale of 1 to 5 across eight critical aspects of your life. Discover where you excel and identify areas needing immediate attention and improvement.

Actionable Insights

After pinpointing areas that demand enhancement, the workbook prompts you to devise a strategic action plan. It guides you to contemplate three concrete steps to elevate each area’s score to a perfect 5/5, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling life.

Transformative Prompts

Beyond mere assessment, this workbook offers thought-provoking prompts to inspire introspection on your current boundary-setting practices. Reflect on the initial thoughts that surface upon reviewing your self-assessment and schedule dates to commence implementing your action plans.

A Journey to Improved Well-Being

Pamela Millican-Hartnoll doesn’t just aim to highlight areas for improvement; she encourages a holistic journey toward establishing healthier boundaries. With each page, you’ll gain clarity on your priorities, leading to enhanced well-being and stronger relationships.

Take the First Step Today

Embark on a transformative journey with the “Boundaries Self-Assessment Tool.” Whether seeking to fortify your mental health, nurture relationships, or achieve a healthier work-life balance, this workbook is your roadmap to a more empowered and confident you.


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